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We are an Oxford-based software development company that specialises in applications involving advanced computational mathematics, computer vision and artificial intelligence.

Our Work

Oxford Machine Intelligence develops software solutions involving advanced computational mathematics and artificial intelligence across a range of application areas. Below we outline some of our current areas of interest.

Today, there is great interest in the ‘Internet of Things’, in which many kinds of devices, from fridges to central heating systems, are connected to the internet. This technology will be capable of producing lots of data that can be analysed to spot emerging trends or events. For example, we are currently developing automated monitoring systems that can spot when an elderly person living alone has become incapacitated or is displaying evidence of emerging health problems (Find out more about our Case Study).

In computer vision, we are able to apply a rich toolkit of computational techniques to intelligent scene analysis. Applications include visually-guided robotics & automated manufacturing, industrial fault detection & diagnosis, and event detection in closed circuit television. More generally, we have expertise in the statistical analysis and visualisation of ‘big data’. These mathematical techniques can be applied to a diverse range of applications including market research, healthcare, security, science and engineering.

Case Study

Assisted home living for the elderly

Oxford Machine Intelligence Limited is developing technologies to look after an increasing population of elderly citizens in difficult economic conditions. Our monitoring systems use advanced mathematical techniques to combine data from multiple sensors in the home, such as smart cameras and motion sensors, in order to perform situation assessment. The mathematical software will automatically spot departures from normal behaviour and flag an alarm.

The Team

The team is led by Dr Simon Stringer (CEO). He is a computational mathematician by training with 25 years experience carrying out research in computational mathematics, numerical modelling, control systems, computer vision, speech recognition, and neural network work modelling of brain function. Our team has worked together for several years in Oxford carrying out research in artificial intelligence and cognitive systems.

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